And baby makes three.

Family Newsletter Volume 1, Issue 1
Yep, we’re having a baby. We’ve purchased the essentials, attended the classes, and even prepared the frozen meals that will be our sustenance during the initial days of parenthood. And since we’re having a home birth, the house has been cleaned, the pool set-up, and the supplies organized.

So we’re prepared, equipped, and maybe even qualified. But neither of us would probably describe ourselves as ready—nine months has done little to alleviate the HUGE factor of raising a child.

These nine months have been a nice period of acclimation, nonetheless. And while we can’t say we are excited exactly about sleepless nights, dirty diapers, and the massive responsibility of shepherding a human soul (hey, we’re not romantics here); we can say we are looking forward to meeting and getting to know this beautiful little boy we strongly suspect God conceived with an awesome purpose. This is going to be quite the experience, indeed. And we would like to share it with you.

So this is the place we’ll do it—we’ll call it our newsletter—and we’ll endeavor to post monthly (or sometimes bi-weekly) updates, pictures, and general information of interest for those of you concerned that we don’t pick up our phones enough or that when we do, our conversation leaves something to be desired. It is our hope that this will facilitate better communication with our long-distance friends and family but also, that it will document our child’s first years and assist in creating a neat little journal we can cherish in the future.

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7 Comments to “And baby makes three.”

  1. This is a great idea! Looking forward to the updates! Love you muches!

  2. How cute. I thought the boy’s name would be Joshua. 🙂 Can I call him Seba (see`bah)???? PLEASE!!!! I love you!
    And yes i would love to be included in this!

  3. Love the idea Jayme! I’m looking forward to getting your newsletter. Praying for you and the birth of the next baby in our family.

  4. Oh this is soooo Fun..especially since I took a leave from facebook! I get to see lil Sebastian!!!! Love this and you guys!!!!

  5. Absolutely. Love it, love y’all!!

  6. Great idea Hun…look forward to reading each post…we have waited such a long time for this blessed little boy that seems like a direct connection to Heaven. Hopefully this special child and his precious cousin, Malaki, will enjoy a loving, lifelong relationship that comes from a very “uncommon” bond. God has truly given you the opportunity of a lifetime to make His mark on your son as you teach him, love him, and help him grow to be a Godly man…all this promise and he’s only four days old! We love you and look forward to everything you are willing to share…especially all the more personal time and photos that our unique position as Grandparents will hopefully accord us!!!

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