Hanging By A Moment

Family Newsletter Volume 1, Issue 2

Of course I realize that when the first newsletter went out we said something to the effect that we would update the blog each month. Clearly, that didn’t happen. Today marks four months since Sebastian was born and this will be only the second post we have created. So in case you thought you missed something (y’all were holding your breath, I’m sure), you didn’t. We’ve just been so entirely consumed with our little guy.

Indeed, those first several weeks were rough. Sebastian cried a lot. So did I. But while I took care of Sebastian, my mom took care of me. She cooked, she cleaned, she took the baby so I could shower and more importantly, so I could have a few treasured hours of uninterrupted sleep. I will admit that I panicked a bit when she left. It was the same week Travis returned to work. And I was to be all alone with the baby.

But we managed. And it was helpful that family and friends continued to come in and out of town. It provided a sort of distraction for my loneliness and frustration. See, Sebastian was a high-needs newborn. He cried a lot, slept very little, refused a pacifier, and seemed to be in a constant battle with some sort of gastrointestinal issue. In an effort to help him, I had taken to eating unadorned salads, gluten-free breads, and dairy-free rice protein shakes. Yum.

Things began to level out around week eight, however, and we seemed to fall into a sort of routine (as much as one can with an eight week old infant). Progress has been steady since then and when we traveled during his third month (to Amarillo, Texas and then Alaska) he surprised us both and did wonderfully.

The most rewarding part of all of this has been watching him learn and grow. So while I used to make fun of women whose every Facebook post was some boring thing or another about their son or daughter, I now understand the joy a mother takes in the smallest and seemingly most insignificant details of her child’s life. Naturally, I am now one of those.

Speaking of details, in the above menu I have created an index page of regularly updated photo albums and each currently available video on Facebook as well as a link to our Birth Story. These are public links for the fortunate few who are not daily inundated with pictures either because you are too smart to have a Facebook or too stupid.


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